W3 CSS vs. Bootstrap: A Head-to-Head Comparison

All of this is programmed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Bootstrap was initially created as an internal tool used by Twitter but quickly became open source (free and publicly available to use). After Internet Explorer’s long sleep, Microsoft has finally responded with a browser that passes the Acid2 test, providing us with all the tools we’ve been demanding.

what is bootstrap css

The easiest way to customize Bootstrap—include only the CSS you need. Import one stylesheet and you’re off to the races with every feature of our CSS. Bootstrap utilizes Sass for a modular and customizable architecture. Import only the components you need, enable global options like gradients and shadows, and write your own CSS with our variables, maps, functions, and mixins. Read our installation docs for more info and additional package managers. With our online editor, you can edit the code, and click on a button to view the result.


In the code above, the navbar-toggler style is defined so the brand name shows on the left of the mobile screen and the toggle button on the right. Clicking on the button will reveal the collapsed content, as shown below. The source code version includes the precompiled CSS, JS, and font assets as well as source files for the CSS, JS, and icon fonts respectively.

Compiles and minifies CSS and JavaScript, builds the documentation website, runs the HTML5 validator against the docs, regenerates the Customizer assets, and more. Usually only necessary if you’re hacking on Bootstrap itself. Watches the Less source files and automatically recompiles them to CSS whenever you save a change.

Responsive Columns

In fact, you’re encouraged to pick and choose only the parts you need in the official documentation (shown below). If you need a barber-stripe style gradient, that’s easy, too. Just specify a single color and we’ll overlay a translucent white stripe.

Another downside is that Bootstrap styles are relatively bulky. This can result in unnecessary HTML output, wasting central processing unit resources. Adding the .img-responsive class will automatically resize images based on the users’ screen size. This will benefit your website’s performance, as reducing image sizes is part of the site optimization process. Despite not supporting lesser-known browsers like WebKit and Gecko, websites with Bootstrap should function correctly on them as well. However, there may be limitations regarding modals and dropdowns on smaller screens.

Some of Bootstrap’s interface components include navigation bars, grid systems, image carousels, and buttons. Get started with Bootstrap, the world’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites, with jsDelivr and a template starter page. Gabriel Mongefranco is a Mobile Data Architect at the University of Michigan Eisenberg Family Depression Center. All @media queries, transitions, viewports and animations are still stripped out by TDX.

what is bootstrap css

This is the same as using Node.js and other tools before learning JavaScript itself. By spending the time to really learn what you’re doing, however, you can use Bootstrap as a way of accelerating your learning, rather than hindering it. Bootstrap comes with its own code for automatically resizing images based on the current screen size. Just add the .img-responsive class to your images, and the predefined CSS rules take care of the rest. This tag is included in all of Bootstrap’s documentation and examples to ensure the best rendering possible in each supported version of Internet Explorer.

  • Bootstrap automatically adapts your pages for various screen sizes.
  • Bootstrap is an open-source framework used for creating responsive, mobile-first sites.
  • If you’re compiling Bootstrap from its Less/Sass source and not using our Gruntfile, you’ll need to integrate Autoprefixer into your build process yourself.
  • As a result, building with Bootstrap CSS ensures that your site supports proper rendering and touch zooming for all devices.
  • Try visiting a few of your favorite sites – play a little “spot the grid.” It’s usually not difficult to see.

One, this variable should not be used to rule out W3.CSS single-handedly. Two, if you have the time, it could be valuable to learn and use both what is bootstrap frameworks. According to BuiltWith, Bootstrap is the most popular design framework on the entire internet, powering over 20 million websites.

what is bootstrap css