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Compilation is the process of taking programming code (the “source” code) and converting it to binary code that can be excited by the operating system. If any part of the source code is invalid, the compiler will stop and give an error message. If your system is not able to boot and gets stuck in disk repair process, you should immediately stop using it instead of rebooting again and again, as it may further damage your system. Immediately remove the hard drive from your Windows 10 system and get an HDD enclosure to connect the affected hard drive to another PC. The CHKDSK scan will automatically fix any error that it may find. It should fix the Windows Media Center error if it was due to an issue in the hard drive.

  • Disk errors in Windows can be annoying and equally devastating if not fixed in time.
  • The technical team can help you solve any system errors, including system failure, BSOD, unbootable devices, and so on.
  • This all-in-one data recovery software can restore lost, deleted, or formatted files from hard drive, SSD, SD card, USB flash drive, and more.

Then, click the Get updates button at the top right to check if the Calculator app has any updates or not. Amongst other issues, many users have reported that after updating their PC or laptop to Windows 11, the Calculator app on their devices has stopped working or is somehow malfunctioning. Windows Calculator app can sometimes go missing from your PC due to various issues. Fortunately, you can repair/reinstall it using Microsoft Store or try all of the methods above.

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To learn how to create a custom Windows error message, follow this guide. Blue screens can have so many causes that it’s impossible to analyze them all. It’s important to note that a single isolated blue screen isn’t a big deal. Sometimes Windows runs into a weird problem and hits a blue screen, then never has that same issue again for months.

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The Disk Cleanup tool included with Windows can quickly erase various system files and free up disk space. But some things–like “Windows ESD Installation Files” on Windows 10–probably shouldn’t be removed. You can move the files to an external storage device if you don’t want to delete them https://windll.com/dll/microsoft-corporation/msvcp109. The final step is restarting the Windows Update service. That’ll open the SoftwareDistribution folder—where Windows stores temporary installation files needed to update your computer’s operating system. Deleting or moving contents of the folder can also fix Windows Update issues.